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Our Quality

Urban Force Apparel uses the finest materials we can find to produce garments that will quickly become your favorites.  We work closely with several fabric mills to develop and choose the best fabrics for a given product.  Our standards are the highest in the industry, and we demand comfort, durability, and ease of care for all the fabrics we select.  From the threads we spec to the labels we use, each and every component in our products is held to the most demanding standards.  Although we are mindful of fashion, our ultimate goal is to produce products that offer a level of quality that transcends and outlives the latest fads.  Permanent wicking, stain resistance, and Nano finishes on our fabrics help keep you comfortable and looking good longer than you thought possible.  Our products are sewn in a state-of-the-art factory that is ISO 9001 certified and is always looking for ways to empower its employees to create products you can wear with pride.

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