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About Us

Urban Force Apparel is all about Technology, Versatility, and Comfort (TVC): 

Technology:  All our garments reflect our belief in combining only the highest quality fabrics with the latest design innovations to create a product that will serve you both in the office and outdoors.

Versatility:  When you wear Urban Force Apparel, you are free to go from work to play with only a change of shoes. We pride ourselves on creating products that allow you to live life on your terms while looking professional whether you’re indoors or out.

Comfort:  Of course, without comfort, all other virtues are meaningless. Our moisture-wicking fabrics help keep you cool on hot days and warm on cold days, and our designs allow you a freedom of movement unparalleled in the industry.

Tim Velasco, our CEO, has been an apparel designer for over 20 years, and has worked on swimwear, cycling apparel, workout wear, extreme outdoor apparel, military and law enforcement uniforms, gloves, footwear, underwear, and covert undercover clothing.  He brings his wide-ranging experience to the design and manufacture of each and every garment Urban Force Apparel creates, offering you the benefits of someone who has made pioneering strides within the industry.

For Tim, designing is about using careful observation, creative combination, and innovation to cater to each of our customers’ needs and desires.  With our cutting-edge designs and generous pocket incorporation, our goal is to create clothing and accessories that not only give you all of the features and quality you expect, but also to offer you additional features you didn't even know you needed.  In other words, we are driven by the over-arching desire to create products that exceed your highest expectations.


Urban Force Apparel LLC       •       Oakland CA 94601       •       (510) 764-4991       •       info@urbanforce.com

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